26C3 Mestano (Rosewood)
26C3 Mestano (Rosewood)

The Mestano is 5 5/8 inches in overall length, with a 2 1/4 inch blade. The blade is a flat ground, drop point from 26C3 high carbon steel. This steel has been clay coated and differentially heat treated to produce a working hamon (the line of demarcation on the blade). The Mestano has been cryogenically quenched during the heat treating process for optimal edge holding ability and Rockwell tests at 63 RC. This knife has a Rosewood handle with mosaic pins. This Mestano comes with a Tooled Horizontal sheath for right hand wear. If you choose to order an additional sheath, you will receive BOTH sheaths. The one that is built already, and the additional one we will build for you.

26C3 Mestano (Rosewood)

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