Carbine Scabbard
Carbine Scabbard
A rugged, durable scabbard built to fit just about any lever action rifle. Made from heavy premium saddle skirting, this scabbard will provide years of protection for your rifle and convenience for you, keeping your rifle close to hand. The scabbard attaches to your saddle with two heavy leather straps. The straps are long enough to allow attachment to the saddle in many different positions. This allows you to attach the scabbard in a way that works for you. The design of this scabbard incorporates slots for the attachment of the straps to the scabbard. This prevents the straps from tearing off from the scabbard, a weakness in many other designs. Built in a rough out design this allows the scabbard to shrug off scratches, life and wear and tear.  Stitching is doubled on wear areas and riveted at stress points for extreme ruggedness. This scabbard is for non scoped rifles.

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Carbine Scabbard

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