Charmitas (Cheyenne Leather)
Charmitas (Cheyenne Leather)
We use these leggings daily in our own ranch operation and find them to be very comfortable and durable. Combined with the three buckle leg closures, this provides ample adjustment for your Charmitas. Options include contrasting fringe, leg plates and apron color. Standard colors come in 4-5 oz Cheyenne leather. Special leathers and colors are available upon request.
Measurements Needed:

Please include these in comments section

Waist: Circumference of the waist where you normally wear your Chinks. For most, just below the belt. 
Upper Thigh: Circumference of the thigh just below the crotch.
Length: The distance from the waist where you will wear your Charmitas, down to where you would like the fringe to end. We recommend mid shin to ankle as being about the right place for the fringe to end. 

Charmitas (Cheyenne Leather)

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