Chinks (Granada Leather)
Chinks (Granada Leather)
Granada Leather is a great choice because of its wide variety of available colors. With an attractive pebble grain, this flexible leather is perfect for Chinks. Granada is a 3.5 - 4oz light to medium weight leather, making it an ideal choice for a pair of Chinks with contrasting colors or double fringe. Contrasting Fringe: the main legging color will be one color and the contrasting fringe will be another. Double Fringe: the main legging and fringe will be the same "on top" and the double fringe contrasting color will be underneath. Thread color options are available. Please call for details. Normal turn around time is approximately 2 mos.
Measurements Needed:

Please include these in comments section

Waist: Circumference of the waist where you normally wear your Chinks. For most, just below the belt. 
Upper Thigh: Circumference of the thigh just below the crotch.
Length: The distance from the waist where you will wear your Chinks, down to where you would like the fringe to end. We recommend that the solid part of the legging come past the knee to approximately the mid shin area. The fringe should start there and continue down to the top of the ankle. Tell us the overall length and how long the fringe should be. 8" fringe at the bottom of the chink is most popular.

Chinks (Granada Leather)

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