New Charmitas

Posted by Administrator on 6/26/2013 to Gear
I had decided it was time for a new pair of leggings, so I "Placed my order" with Dave. I knew I wanted them pretty similar to my last pair he made, as they were extremely comfortable. I chose the Butter color as the main legging color. I also asked him to do the wrap and tie belt again, as I find that very comfortable for me. The only change I asked him to make from his standard pattern, was that I wanted the leg plates laced in. They came out beautifully, I love them! I got to test drive them at a Trina Campbell Clinic in Wilton (GREAT clinic by the way). They are extremely comfortable, I hardly know they are on. They are very flexible and light weight, but also feel pretty durable. Perfect for year round wear! 
Thanks Dave!

Working on getting him to respond with respect

Wrap and tie belt

Nothin more fun than playin with Cows

Thanks for a great weekend Trina!

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