Range Flap Holster
Range Flap Holster
Horsewright offers this Holster that is designed, crafted and built for the real world of cowboying and life on the ranch. Constructed of durable, premium leather, each Holster is completely leather lined to protect your pistol. The flap is secured over the handgun with a brass stud and roller buckle system. This unique design allows you to carry similarly sized handguns in the same holster. The buckle gives adjustability to the flap and the stud allows for quick access. This holster design provides great protection and security for the pistol. The flap keeps dirt, dust and debris out. It also holds the gun in when riding through rough country. This holster secures to the belt with a slot and loop. This arrangement spreads the weight of the gun over a larger area creating greater comfort. This also makes the holster very stable, it does not flop around. Whether on foot, or in the saddle, this holster stays put. Our Range Flap Holster is very versatile and allows you to carry your gun in several different places. This holster can be worn on either the right/left hip or on the front of your belt in a cross draw manner. The Range Flap Holster can be enhanced with tooling or your initials/brand for a small additional fee. All holsters are done in an Oil Tan finish.
To make your holster we need to know: make, model, caliber and barrel length of your gun. Please provide this info in the "Comments Section" of the order form. Please contact us if you have any further questions.  

Range Flap Holster

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