Slotted Sheath
Right Hand Crossdraw
The Slotted Sheath is an ideal sheath for riding. It is designed to be carried in the front in a cross draw fashion, whether you're right handed or left handed. The sheath may also be worn behind the hip. The great advantage to this sheath, is that it can be worn 360 degrees on the belt. The Slotted sheath is worn under the belt for added security and comfort. This sheath cannot be tooled. All Horsewright sheaths are done in an Oil Tan finish. The Slotted sheath comes standard with every Horsewright knife or you can upgrade to a Horizontal or Pancake Sheath for a small upgrade price.

While Horsewright offers these handmade sheaths standard with our knives, you can have us build one of these sheaths for a knife you already own. Please call for pricing. We do require the knife to be sent to us, to provide you with a high quality handmade sheath that is properly fitted to the exact characteristics of your knife.

Please give us a call at 661-822-4941 for shipping details and to order a custom made Horsewright sheath for your knife. Normal turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks.