Welcome to our Horsewright Blog!

Posted by Dave & Nichole on 5/27/2013 to General
Welcome to our new Horsewright Blog! We are very excited to have this available on our new site. We will be able to offer some insight on some of our products, as well as some "How To" articles on knife sharpening, knife maintenance and wildrag care.


Date 6/1/2013
I like your new website alot. Wildrags are beautiful. I'm going to have to get myself over to your house soon.
Date 6/1/2013
Leo Lantz
I own a sand washed wild rag and it is super .I have purchased 2 custom knives from Horsewright and they are both functional and works of art .I highly recommend the quality of Horsewright gear.
Date 6/13/2013
Joe Snyder "Fletch"
Myself and my wife have been customers of Horsewright clothing for many years now. We have purchased about everything on there list at least once. Many of items we have received multiples of. I have yet to see anything with out having superior quality or functionality. Dave's knife's have to be the best around. His unique sheath designs are great looking and are extremely functional for all aspects of life. I know we could not live without there wild rags as well. I know you are not supposed to

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